Materials and Methods used in a Sunroom Living Kit

Our sunroom kits are designed to collect, store, and distribute the heat from solar energy in the winter and reject it in the summer. Optimal use of natural daylight contributes greatly to energy efficiency.

Roof Design

The roof slopes of our sunrooms vary depending on the width of the room. A 12-foot-wide room typically has a 4/12 or 3/12 roof pitch, while a 16-foot-wide room typically has a 3/12 roof pitch. The roof comes complete with a 2′ x 6′ tongue and groove decking, which forms a strong and attractive ceiling that can support even the heaviest snow loads. Our vented roof systems include 1/2-inch exterior sheathing, vapor barrier, flashing, drip edge, and building felt. The roof is insulated to R-38, so you’ll only need to provide the shingles to match your house.

Curved Wooden Arches

Our curved wooden arches are our signature design element. These beams are handcrafted from southern yellow pine, which is harvested from sustainably managed forests. They are a works of art, and they arrive ready to be stained, oiled, or varnished to your taste and style.

Double-Layer Solar Glass Panels

Our glass is designed to capture the sun’s warmth in the winter and keep your sunroom cozy. It is tempered for extra strength and can be customized to fit your needs. Each panel is made of two layers of 3/16-inch tempered glass with an insulating pocket between the layers. The panels are double sealed along the edges to prevent fogging or streaking. Low-E glass is standard with all kits, but other types of glass are available upon request.

Our solar glass panels have the added benefit of blocking 50% of the UV rays that fade and damage your furniture and flooring, while also allowing for greater control of temperature and comfort levels. The use of skylights in your room can further enhance these effects by providing natural light and ventilation.

Glazing System

Our glazing systems are designed to hold glass panels in place and prevent air or moisture leaks. Our kits include all the necessary materials, such as sill plates, an attractive mahogany frame and trim, and architectural sealants. The panels are easy to install, even for homeowners with no prior experience. We believe that anyone can do it, as our system is practically foolproof!


Our sunrooms are built with standard 2′ x 6′ stud wall construction, which allows for easy wiring or plumbing. The walls are also insulated with fiberglass insulation and a vapor barrier, providing a comfortable and energy-efficient space. The knee walls and gable room side walls are insulated to the same standard, and you can choose to finish the interior walls yourself or select one of our natural wood finishes. The side walls are insulated to R-20, so you will only need to supply exterior siding to match your home.

Let the Sun Shine In

⁃ Beautiful, High-Quality Sunroom Kits Made in the USA
⁃ Easy Assembly: Do It Yourself or Hire a Contractor
⁃ 5-Year Warranty for Durability and Longevity
⁃ Fully Insulated for Superior Energy Efficiency
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